The history of Education in Tanzania depicts that the government since independence emphasized on the need of improving education standards and ensure that every Tanzanian has equal opportunity to education. It is an acknowledged fact that education is one of the most important factors in the development of man and it is the pillar for economic growth and development.  It has therefore to be well planned and effectively managed and implemented.

Education for Brighter Future


To serve as an excellent world class Pre&Primary school by making the children enjoy learning from the base with the wider aim of nurturing a positive spirit toward education.


To be the leading Pre&Primary school in provision of high quality pre-primary education which is expected to improve the performance of primary school leavers and national education grades and standard at large.

Education Provides Strength to Our Children


To offer good quality pre – primary education from class I to III; (baby class, middle class and pre- unit class, respectively) to children of Msimamo street and other neighboring streets.

To provide a motivating curriculum and exciting academic programs that will develop the pupil’s natural curiosity and encourage them to learn and achieve rapid progress in their curriculum activities in align  with the Tanzania Education policy.

To facilitate learning process by incorporating variety of teaching aids and methods favorable to the children like visual diagrams, charts and images.

Good Foundation for Quality Education